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LaRiva Concepts participates in second home development projects as an advisor and in a limited number of cases as an investor. Under the brand name LaRiva Resorts, we focus exclusively on appealing geographic areas both in Europe and beyond. Our operations are not focused on traditional holiday resorts, but rather on exceptional and sometimes even unexpected locations.

LaRiva Resorts projects must fulfil the following criteria:

1. Unique and well-considered architecture
2. Excellent locations
3. Good climate, beautiful natural scenery, stable political climate and friendly local population
4. Local supervision of construction
5. Good price-quality ratio
6. Also extremely suited to rental
7. Use of natural materials

We only invest in a development when we have been involved in realising the project in question, in other words when we have been responsible for the management and actual construction. This enables us to always be certain that the quality meets our stringent standards.

Current projects

We are currently investing in a large project in Southern Portugal. We are also involved in development activities in the Hungarian Pusta as an advisor. In addition, we are currently studying opportunities for launching projects in Italy, France and Costa Rica.

Monte Campanador